• Life

    One year on: embracing uncertainty

    I’m supposed to be back in London right now, sitting behind a computer, probably on Level 23, at Barclays’ global headquarters in Canary Wharf, surrounded by glass and steel. Instead, I’m in Puerto Varas, a town on the edge of…

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    Pure. Magic.

    Out of the 365 days in a year, how many pass by without a second thought? How many are great days, but still ones that will likely be forgotten within a few months? How many leave such an impression that…

  • Travel

    Overlanding: it’s a different world

    After nearly 3 months and over 10,000 kilometers on the road, I'm going to try my best to bring to life the crazy, exhausting, and thoroughly incredible overlander lifestyle.

  • Chile,  Travel

    Resilience on the road

    It’s been nearly 3 weeks and over 3000 km since we set off from Santiago, a period of such intensity that I’ve barely had the energy to reflect, let alone write. Buying a camper in a foreign country and undertaking…

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    Travel Guide: La Campana National Park

    Over the course of the next few months, I expect to visit at least 25 of Chile’s national parks and reserves. I’ll always remember number one! Parque Nacional La Campana (La Campana National Park) is best known for Cerro La…

  • Chile,  Travel

    Remembering Chile’s September 11th

    As an American, September 11th refers to one year: 2001. But for Chileans, September 11th holds a different significance altogether. On September 11, 1973, a military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet overthrew Salvador Allende, the democratically-elected socialist president. Pinochet…

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    Two reflections from my first four months off work

    Almost exactly four months ago, I started my year off from work. Since then, I’ve traveled over 25,000 miles by plane, train and automobile, spent quality time with friends from all parts of my life, visited climbing gyms in 5…