About Me

Hi there, I’m Serene.

I started this blog back in October 2018, with these two aims (more below on how I’ve done against these):

  1. To capture my journey during a year off from my London life & career – both the physical journey as I travel through Chile & Argentina, and the personal journey as I continue to challenge myself to grow and find greater purpose. I’m passionate about learning and development, so this blog is also a self-challenge to put myself out there more.
  2. To champion diversity in our crazy, beautiful world – it took me a long time to see the benefit in not fitting neatly in any stereotype, in having to explain my background I don’t have an easy answer to “Where are you from?”. As a young woman born in China, raised across the USA, matured in the UK and conversant in the three most spoken languages in the world, I have a unique understanding of, and appreciation for, our world. By sharing my story, I hope to help people see through a different lens from their own, and to show immigrant kids out there that their understanding of multiple cultures is an asset, even if sometimes it makes life a bit harder growing up.

March 2020 update: In all honesty, I barely blogged during my time off because I was so busy adventuring (and also lacked regular internet access). But point 2 definitely still rings true and I’m committed to sharing my voice and perspective more moving forwards.

Enough words for now, here are a few photos that are me, in a nutshell: